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iTEP Approves LCF
itep Laidera Consulting firm has been approved as an authorized iTEP Testing center in Nigeria

LCF Partners with ORACLE
Partnership approval with the world largest enterprise software company-ORACLE

LCF Logistic Upgrade
Laidera consulting firm has upgraded its logistics and environment to meet up-to-date standards

PTE Approved LCF
PTE approves LCF as a testing center in nigeria.

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"Technology was taught better at LCF to me after four years B.Sc Comp. Sci in the University"
- Bunmi Bakare

I.T Certifications

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There is a lot to think about for the professional designer, beyond just how the web pages look: pricing, contracts, legal issues, freelancing or not, how to get customers, and how to keep the ones you have.
Our curriculum is being designed to be flexible as much to make much relevance and impact to your pathway in becoming a professional web developer. Our courses include web programming tools like SSH, PHP, MYSQL, web animation and scripting. If you figure out what type of web development you prefer you can focus on that and become more of a master of the skills required, there are three types of developer: content builder, designer, and programmer.
We are dedicated to you in making a fantastic career in all of these three.

As technology changes at an ever increasing rate especially in Information Technology, a gap is formed between the foundation provided by academic education and the technical competency that is required in today’s business environment using IT process.
Mos was designed to give you an edge over others, and also helps to stand out from the crowd. Now you can be number one in your field when it comes to delivering solution effectively and efficiently. Mos curriculum covers form basic computer operation to office suites (MS word, MS excel, MS PowerPoint etc.).

Microsoft has remained dominant in the market despite lots of opposing technologies springing up. They have ranges of different certifications supporting their different technologies. From the operating systems (The Windows family) to their software development tools to their server/ client architectures, Database and lots more. This platform enables you to be more productive and can bring forth better opportunities as their technologies are deployed everywhere. 80% of pc’s in Nigeria run on windows Operating system. The likes of windows xp/vista/7, windows 2003/2008 server, visual studio 2008, ms-sql server 2005/2008 certification will help you build a desirable career path.



Linux operating system is fast becoming acceptable and becoming more popular and friendly. Besides the friendliness the platform was built to support enterprise platforms to function, providing stability, consistency and affordability than the windows family.


Certified Ethical Hacker from Ec-Council is becoming a well accepted security certification, adding more support to the likes of CISSP, SECURITY+ and other courses from other vendors. Availability of jobs is not an issue in the security field of I.T.



The CCNA certification (Cisco Career Certifications) indicates a foundation in and apprentice knowledge of networking for the small office / home market. CCNA certified professionals can install, configure, and operate LAN, WAN, and dial access services for small networks (100 nodes or  fewer ), including but not limited to use  of  these protocols: IP, IGRP, IPX, serial, AppleTalk,  Frame Relay, IP, RIP, Ethernet, Access Lists.
CCNAs can effectively install, configure, and operate simple-routed LAN, routed WAN, and switched LAN networks. Examples of  types of solutions that a CCNA will be able to offer base on a combination of  training  and real-world experience: Install and/or  configure a network; Optimize  WAN through internet access solutions that reduce bandwidth and reduces  WAN costs  using feature such as : Filtering  with Access  Lists, Bandwidth on Demand  (BOD), Dial on demand  routing  (DDR); provide  remote access by integrating  dial-up connectivity with traditional, remote LAN  to LAN access, as well as supporting  the higher levels of  performance required  for new applications such as Internet commerce, multimedia, etc.

The CCNP certification (Cisco certified Network Professional) indicates advance knowledge of internetworks.
A CCNP certified professional can install, configure, and operate LAN, WAN, and dial access services for organizations with networks from 100 to more than 500 nodes. You will be able to operate features not limited to the following: SONA framework, Intelligent Framework Network (INN), VOIP, IP, IGRP, IPsec VPN, Route Distribution, RIP, Route Summarization, OSPF, VLSM, BGP, MPLS, Frame Relay, ISDN, ISIS, HDLC, PPP, FDDI and many other complex networks. Job opportunities are: telecoms, IT support, Oil & Gas, Software & Hardware companies, Banks etc.

It is the stepping-stone to a starting a successful career as an oracle professional. The associate credential is designed for IT professionals beginning to work with oracle packages.
Typically, OCAs will already have acquired the foundation of knowledge for their work as Web administrators, database administrators and developers. Oracle views the OCA credential as an appropriate starting point for teaches early in their careers. By earning an OCA certification, you can have increased entry-level job opportunities.

OCP database administrators provide comprehensive administration from installing, maintaining, troubleshooting and fine tuning an oracle database.
Course benefits: In this certification, you will leverage the power of oracle 9i/10g/11g architecture to build and configure database, control user activity, monitor and optimize database storage, manage large objects, develop robust, high performance and scalable applications.
This course is designed to fully certify an individual in oracle 9i/10g/11g. Students will learn about the new features in PL/SQL, the oracle features that support SQL, and other features of the oracle 9i/10g/11g databases.

Sun’s philosophy is that certification is central to the learning process as it provides validation of skills sets for specific job roles. Sun certification also offers a natural progression to support your career goals.
First, by becoming a sun certified associate sun verifies that you have a base set of knowledge that enables entry into a career in application development or software project management using java technology.
Second, we train developers on a foundational set of skills, which can then be validated by becoming a sun certified programmer.
Afterwards, you can pursue advanced or specialty training and certifications that help enable career growth into more specific job roles making you more valuable to an organization.

CompTIA is member driven and is led by an elected board of industry professionals. All proceeds are directly reinvested in programs and initiatives that benefit our valued members and the industry as a whole. CompTIA also gives back to the industry through the CompTIA Educational Foundation, which provides education and training to individuals under-represented in the IT industry, such as at-risk youth, dislocated workers, disabled workers, and veterans transitioning out of the military.
compTIA certifications are for individuals, attaining certifications means increased job security, additional career opportunities and increased credibility in the workplace. For businesses, hiring certified workers means higher customer satisfaction, increased productivity and lower employee turnover. CompTIA has a global reach, serving members from offices in Australia, Canada, China, Germany, India, Japan, South Africa, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

I.T. Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
Though ITIL (I.T. Infrastructure Library) has become known in recent years, it is increasingly seen as a competitive advantage for any and all IT professionals who want to land management jobs in large IT organizations, or simply advance their careers.
Originally created by the office of Governance commerce for use by British agencies, it’s been picked up by organizations and private companies throughout Europe and adopted in other parts of the world as the only comprehensive compendium of IT operational best practices. Covering all aspects of IT operations-from incident reporting and problem management to configuration, change management and finance – ITIL has become a de facto standard for British, European and North America IT organizations. ITIL version 2/3 includes three levels of certification: Foundation, practitioner, and service manager.
The Foundation certification provides an overview of the ITIL framework and philosophy.
The two practitioner certifications – Release & control and support & restore – cover theoretical and practical knowledge of specific ITIL practices. Release & control focuses on process change,configuration management and release management, while Support and Restore covers service desk operations, incident management and problem management.
Service Manager covers everything in ITIL, emphasizing higher-level theory, such as the aligning of IT with business needs.
This certification could open many doors.

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